Fender éliminator Ras wheel for Yamaha MT09 Tracer

Fender éliminator Ras wheel for Yamaha MT09 Tracer

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The plate support "ras de roue" brings the futuristic touch. It has been developed to keep the necessary functions for your vehicle.
-. The function of wheel flush.
-. The possibility of setting the turn signals and lighting L.E.D approved.
The ultra reinforced fixation is made of 5mm thick steel, reinforced by folds to stiffen the entire plate support against vibrations. It is located on the axis of the swingarm wheel.
The arm part is made of 5mm thick aluminum.
The wheel flange support feature is 3.mm thick aluminum. It was bent to marry your tire, it avoids splashing the passenger and also the driver.
The location allows to put the license plate as well as the turn signals and approved L.E.D lighting.
The entire flush mount plate is coated with a high quality matte black epoxy paint, weather and stone shock resistant.
A black shutter, study to the shape of the hole of your wheel arch (location of the original plate bracket) and provided. This prevents the infiltration of water.
All French or foreign license plates are adaptable on the plate support wheel.

The pack includes:

-. 1 plate support "Ras de roue".
-. 1 reinforced steel fastener 5mm thick.
-. 1 aluminum arm of thickness 5.mm
-. 1 shutter (The shutter is used to plug the hole of the original plate holder).
-. 1 lighting L.E.D approved.
-. 12 heat-shrinkable crimp connectors (clamp) for the connection of lighting L.E.D and your turn signals.
The connectors are connected to the main harness and behind the wheel plate support arm. (Keep the outlets of your turn signals and plate lighting, cut the electrical queues 15 cm after the original connector).
-. 3 screws FHC M6x20.mm + 9 nuts M6 + 9 washers Ø 6.mm
-. 4 x FHC torx screws M5x16.mm
-. 4 M5 neopene nuts (to be used between the wheel flange and the fixing arm once the two parts together) Set to absorb the mechanical stresses)
-. 9 black covers for FHC countersunk screws (to be used on the wheel flange and the swingarm attachment once the two parts are assembled.)
-. 2 cables of different colors of 1 meter each for the connection of lighting L.E.D.
-. 4 different colored cables of 1 meter each for the connection of turn signals.
-. 1 braided sheath of 1.10 meters for the passage of electric cables, provided with riselants.
-. (The turn signals are not delivered)



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